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The Springfield Cottage Girl.

By: Anonymous.

Price: $35.00

Seller ID: 54793

The Patchwork Girl of OZ. Illustrated by John R. Neill.

By: Baum (L. Frank)

Price: $45.00

Publisher: Chicago: Reilly & Lee, (copyright 1913) but c. 1940.:

Seller ID: 55470

Belford's Monthly Magazine. January, 1878. Christmas Number.

By: Belford's Monthly Magazine.

Price: $75.00

Publisher: Toronto: Belford Brothers, 1878.:

Seller ID: 56101

The Little Villager's Verse Book; Consisting of Short Verses for Children to Learn By Heart .... A New Edition with Additions.

By: Bowles (Rev. W.L.)

Price: $45.00

Seller ID: 54789

The New Apple Doll Book. Photographs by Mark Bradley.

By: Bradley (Carol W.)

Price: $35.00

Seller ID: 53539

The History of Marten and His Two Little Scholars At a Sunday-School.

By: Cameron (Mrs. Lucy) [issued anonymously]

Price: $75.00

Seller ID: 54788

The Dinky Ducklings.

By: Campbell (Lang)

Price: $35.00

Publisher: NY: Algonquin, (1928).:

Seller ID: 51359

The Burro of Angelitos. Illustrated by Gigi Shaule Johnson.

By: Church (Peggy Pond)

Price: $50.00

Seller ID: 52535

Goldilocks and the Three Bears. Torquil Mac Ferron. Thomas Oliphant. Tyranny. [Cover title: Plays For Children]. Illustrated by G.L. Stampa.

By: Cummins (S. Lyle)

Price: $35.00

Seller ID: 54631

Mickey Mouse Annual. Produced with the Consent of Walter E. Disney. [Annual #4].

By: Disney (Walt)

Price: $100.00

Publisher: Toronto: Musson, [1933/34]. First Canadian edition.:

Seller ID: 56091

The Dancing Princesses.

By: Dixon (R.) and M. Hartwell.

Price: $35.00

Seller ID: 54589

Fairy Tales From Brazil. How and Why Tales from Brazilian Folk-Lore. With Illustrations by Helen M. Barton.

By: Eells (Elsie Spicer)

Price: $45.00

Seller ID: 52872

Vglein Roth und Vglein Blau. Dramatisches Mrchen fr kleine und groe Kinder ... Zweite Auflage. Mit vier colorirten Bildern.

By: Hoppe-Seyler (Amanda)

Price: $35.00

Publisher: Leipzig: Voigt & Gnther, [nd] (ca. 1860).:

Seller ID: 51406

The Boiled Owl and The Ass's Mouth. Pictures by Roy Meldrum.

By: Housman (Laurence)

Price: $45.00

Publisher: Oxford: Basil Blackwell, [c. 1930].:

Seller ID: 51477

The Pirates in the Deep Green Sea. A Story for Children. Illustrated by William Reeves.

By: Linklater (Eric)

Price: $50.00

Publisher: London: Macmillan, 1949. First edition.:

Seller ID: 56162

The Cruise of the Dashaway; or, Katie Putnam's Voyage.

By: Mannering (May)

Price: $45.00

Seller ID: 55050

Heaven on Earth. Adapted from the French Sur La Terre comme au Ciel .... With illustrations by Jeanne Hebbelynck [with] Sur La Terre comme au Ciel. English and French editions.

By: Melloy (Camille) and Joan Windham.

Price: $60.00

Seller ID: 54755

Timmy's Visit to the Zoo.

By: Pop-up.

Price: $45.00

Publisher: London: Murrays Sales and Service, [nd] 1950s?.:

Seller ID: 50551

Le Voyageur Europeen ou Abrege Des Meilleurs Voyages Modernes en Europe, A L'Usage de la Jeunesse.

By: Prieur de Sombreuil (Mr. D.)

Price: $75.00

Publisher: Paris: Librairie Enfantine et Juvenile De P. Maumus, [c.1850].:

Seller ID: 55512

Miss Bianca in the Salt Mines. With Illustrations by Garth Williams.

By: Sharp (Margery)

Price: $35.00

Seller ID: 55117